NATO Advanced Research Workshop (June 8 - June 12, 2003)
and Satellite Workshop (June 13 - June 14, 2003)
Chernogolovka, Moscow Region, RUSSIA
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NATO ARW "Coherent charge and spin transport on a nanoscale"
June 8, Sunday
Morning session
V. Gantmakher PDF 545K Superconducting Transition in "Bad" Metals
A. Kamenev PDF 470K Electron Transport in Granular Arrays
P. Martinoli PDF 7.40M Vortex Glass Dynamics in Josephson Junction Arrays
B. Pannetier PDF 10.7M Superconducting Ground State in an Array of Josephson Nanojunctions with Dice Lattice
A. Ustinov PDF 1747K Quantum Dynamics of Josephson Vortices
Afternoon session
V. Chandrasekhar PDF 4.01M Thermal Transport in Andreev Interferometers
T. Baturina PDF 2.76M Coherent Phenomena in Multiply Connected SNS Systems
V. Ryazanov PDF 3.05M Proximity Effect in SF Structures and Josephson pi-Junction Networks
K. Efetov PDF 406K Odd Triplet Supercondictivity in Superconductor/Ferromagnet Multilayered Structures
Ya. Fominov PDF 215K Triplet Proximity Effect in FSF Trilayers
June 9, Monday
Morning session
M. Buttiker PDF 2.20M Scattering Theory of Mesoscopic Detectors
M. Skvortsov PDF 612K Quantum Interference in Energy Absorption of Closed Mesoscopic Systems
B. Reulet PDF 215K Measurement of Non-Gaussian Shot Noise - Influence of the Environment
P. Roche PDF 451K Quantum Partition Noise of Photon-Created Electron-Hole Pairs
Yu. Nazarov PDF 232K Interaction, Transmission Distribution, and Electromagnetic Environment
Afternoon session
A. Larkin PDF 6.05M Quantum Chaos in Nanostructures
G. Lesovik PDF 1861K Statistics of Electron Transport and Problem of Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
I. Klich PDF 131K Counting Statistics of Charge Transport
T. Martin PDF 477K Entanglement in Correlated Electron Systems
A. Lebedev PDF 917K Dynamics of Two Level System (Qubit) Interacting with Random and Deterministic Classical Field
June 10, Tuesday
Morning session
M. Gershenson PDF 20.0M Organic Field-Effect Transistors: towards Higher Mobility trough More Systematic Research
L. Levitov PDF 99K BCS Dynamics with a Time-Dependent Pairing Interaction
A. Cleland PDF 887K Nanomechanical and Nanothermodynamic Devices
Ya. Blanter PDF 7.80M Carbon Nanotubes as Nanoelectromechanical Systems
Afternoon session
F. Beil PDF 5.84M Nano Acousto Mechanics with Surface Acoustic Waves
Y. Manassen PDF 5.87M STM Detection of the Precession of Surface Spin Centers
M. Aprili PDF 917K Ground State of Ferromagnetic Josephson Junctions
Z. Kvon PDF 2.49M Spin Effects in Magnetotransport of 2DES Near Vicinal Silicon Surface
N. Chtchelkatchev PDF 5.63M Andreev Quantum Dots for Spin Manipulation
June 11, Wednesday
Morning session
Y. Nakamura PDF 4.88M Quantum Coherence in a Superconducting Flux Qubit
D. Van Harlingen PDF 1170K Effects of 1/f Noise on Decoherence in Superconducting Flux Qubits
R. Fazio PDF 1994K Decoherence in the Cooper Pair Shuttle
Yu. Makhlin PDF 1246K Quantum Coherence in Josephson Qubits
M. Feigel'man PDF 1842K Superconducting Tetrahedral Quantum Bits
June 12, Thursday
Morning session
V. Timofeev N/A Collective Behavior of Interwell Excitons in GaAs/AlGaAs Coupled Quantim Wells
L. Butov PDF 2.97M Condensation and Pattern Formation in Cold Exciton Gases
L. Glazman PDF 3.37M Electron Energy and Phase Relaxation in the Presence of Magnetic Impurities
C. Schoenenberger PDF 9.43M Carbon Nanotube Quantum Dot with Superconducting Leads
A. Savchenko PDF 768K Interactions in 2D Systems in the Ballistic Regime
Afternoon session
A. Mirlin PDF 2.53M From Diffusive to Ballistic Mesoscopics: Interaction Effects in Magnetotransport of 2D Electrons
Yu. Oreg PDF 592K Two Channel Kondo in a Modified Single Electron Transition
V. Pudalov PDF 335K Spin Susceptibility of Interacting Electrons in 2D
V. Dolgopolov PDF 2.30M Metal-Insulator Transition in Silicon MOSFETs: New Viewpoint
B. Spivak N/A Phase Separation in 2D Strongly Correlated Electron Liquid in Si MOSFET's
Satellite Workshop "Strongly correlated electrons in nanoscale devices"
June 13, Friday
Morning session
J. Pekola PDF 7.48M Adiabatic Transport of Cooper Pairs in Josephson Junction Circuits
A. Zorin PDF 3.75M Cotunneling of Cooper Pairs in the Bloch Transistor with Dissipative Electromagnetic Environment
D. Ivanov PDF 1693K Vortex Viscosity in the Moderately Clean Limit of Layered Superconductors
M. Titov PDF 1823K Random Matrix Theory of Proximity Effect in Disordered Wires
P. Ostrovsky PDF 381K Density of States in an SNS Junction with Current
Afternoon session
S. Iordansky PDF 3.08M Jain's FQHE Rule and Vortex Lattices
Yu. Dubrovskii          PDF 514K Influence of Interlayer Coulomb Interaction on Tunnelling between Disordered 2D Electron Systems
S. Dorozhkin PDF 2.53M Giant Magnetoresistance Oscillations in 2DES Caused by the Cyclotron Resonance Harmonics
Yu. Lozovik N/A Pairing in Composite Fermion Bilayer
I. Burmistrov PDF 242K Mean-field Phase Diagram of Two-dimensional Electrons with Disorder in a Weak Magnetic Field
June 14, Saturday
Morning session
Z. Radovic PDF 791K The Contribution of Geometrical Resonances to the Andreev Process in Double-Barrier FISIF and SIFIS Structures
L. Tagirov PDF 925K Giant Magnetoresistance in Magnetic Point Contacts
M. Kupriyanov PDF 1788K Stationary Properties of Josephson Junctions with Ferromagnetic Interlayer
A. Golubov PDF 1954K Current-Phase Relations in SFS Josephson Junctions
O. Dimitrova PDF 1763K Phase diagram of 2D Spin-Orbital Superconductor
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